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El MÉTODO CHÁVARRI® es la recopilación de protocolos de tratamientos creados especialmente por la Clínica Chávarri para su uso en medicina láser.

Cada tratamiento láser que utilice el MÉTODO CHÁVARRI® ha sido desarrollado científicamente y validado en los últimos años para mejorar los resultados del tratamiento. De esta manera clínica Chávarri puede ofrecer a sus pacientes tratamientos seguros, eficientes y con mejores resultados en el menor tiempo.

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Laura is a classic case of a dedicated mother of four who spent her entire midlife taking care of her children but neglecting her body and face. With significant loose skin, stretch marks, unrecognizable breasts, and fat pockets on her stomach, arms and back, Laura was determined to make a change that would give her confidence to wear nice clothing and enjoy nightlife again. After a dramatic change in food intake and diet, she choose Dr. Emer for a full body mommy makeover, specifically because of Dr. Emer’s specialization in Hi-Definition Body Liposculpture and fat transferring to the face. Dr. Emer understands the individual needs of women who have had kids and who require multiple procedures performed at the same time to get astounding outcomes. His innovation and specialization in the area of body sculpting gave Laura her youthful body back.

See Laura’s emotional journey here, a inspiration for any woman wishing to make a huge life change.


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